Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

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The lab in images


Zeiss Gemini 500

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Cryo-field emission-variable pressure SEM (cryo-FE-VPSEM) of the latest generation equipped with the full cryogenic system manufactured by Leica, and allowing for low-temperature observations down to -150°C. The equipment includes in-lens SE and BSE detectors for high-resolution (<0.8 nm) low voltage (<100 V) surface and compositional imaging, and side-mounted detectors for SE, low-vacuum SE, BSE and STEM (BF, DF, and HAADF) imaging. The instrumentation is complemented by the 150 mm2 SDD-EDX X-Max detector released by Oxford Instruments.

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For bookings, users are invited to email  Cristina Martin


Tescan Mira II LMUTescan Mira LMU.jpg

Field emission (Shottky-FE-SEM) scanning electron microscope equipped with SE, in-lens SE and BSE detectors. In-situ chemical analyses are performed using a SDD X-Ray detector (Ultim Max from Oxford Instruments), and EBSD analyses using the Symmetry detector (Oxford Instruments). Both EDX and ESBD analyses are monitored using the Aztec 5.1 software package from Oxford Instruments. BSE imaging can also be performed in low-vacuum mode, up to 50 Pa. This SEM can also be used in low-vacuum.

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For bookings, users are invited to email Alexandra Demers Roberge


CamScan MV2300Disponibilité CamScan MV2300

SEM equipped with a standard thermionic source (W filament). The instrument is used for everyday SE, low-vacuum SE and BSE imaging, as well as for panchromatic cathodoluminescence (pan-CL) imaging. The instrumentation also includes a Penta-FET EDX detector released by Oxford Instruments, and the SEM microtomographic equipment (SEM micro-CT) manufactured by Bruker for 3D volumetric analyses.

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For bookings, users are invited to email Alexandra Demers Roberge

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) lab


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