Aquarium research lab

Thiss purpose-built lab houses marine and freshwater aquaria for keeping and growing live invertebrate animals. We currently have one large and 2 medium marine tanks, and 4 medium freshwater tanks housing a variety of arthropod, mollusc and cnidarian animals. Light and temperature for each aquarium system can be controlled depending on the needs of the animals and the experimental requirements. Water chemistry is regularly checked and maintained by members of the ANOM Lab. The room also houses light microscopes for specimen examination. Animals are used for decay experiments to gain insight into taphonomy and preservation processes in the fossil record. Other experimental work in this lab includes population studies, functional morphology, ontogenetic development, and (paleo)ecology. 

Anyone interested in developing a line of research involving living aquatic organisms is welcome to contact us. We are open to helping to facilitate any research that requires modern analogues for understanding geological processes.


Aquarium Research Laboratory

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Lab responsible:

Prof. Allison Daley

Contact persons:

Dr. Jonathan Antcliffe
telefono-01.jpg+41 21 692 43 64 | mail-01.jpg
Dr. Orla Bath Enright
telefono-01.jpg+41 21 692 43 64 | mail-01.jpg