5. Within 12 months

5.1. Exchanging a foreign driving license

It is only possible to drive temporarily in Switzerland with a non-Swiss driving license. All foreigners are mandated to exchange their non-Swiss driving license for a Swiss license within the first 12 months of living in Switzerland.

Holders of foreign driver's licenses from the following countries are exempted from the test and theory test for driving licence categories C and D, subcategories C1 and D1, as well as for the authorisation to carry out professional passenger transport with vehicles of categories B and C, subcategories B1, C1 and special category F :


Allemagne Estonie Italie Pologne
Autriche Finlande Lettonie Portugal
Belgique France Liechtenstein Roumanie
Bulgarie Grande-Bretagne Lituanie Slovaquie
Chypre Grèce Luxembourg Slovénie
Croatie Hongrie Malte Suède
Danemark Irlande Norvège Tchèque, rép.
Espagne Islande Pays-Bas    


Holders of foreign driving licenses are only exempted from the test run, if they come from :

Andorre Israel Nouvelle-Zélande Tunisie

Australie Japon Saint-Marin Etats-Unis

Canada Corée du Nord Maroc Singapur

Corée du Sud Monaco Taiwan

For more information regarding the exchange of the foreign driving license, please visit the following link: Permis de conduire Vaud