Energy Law



Energy law is front and centre to many of today's global crises, yet few understand it deeply enough to be confident in their professional work. The world is facing an array of critical energy law problems, from the Russia-EU energy crisis, the climate change energy transition crisis, the many pollution crises that result from energy-related disasters, and perhaps most importantly of all, energy justice. This course provides a deep introduction to the solutions and challenges of energy law.


Bringing together a distinguished team of experts from academia, leading law firms, and industry, the course provides a well-rounded account of the principal legal and regulatory issues in the renewable and non-renewable energy sector from an international and comparative perspective.


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Climate Change B&W.png Climate Change Law and Litigation

       CAS in Climate Change Law and Litigation



3 ECTS credits



LL.M. in International Business Law will only reimburse the cost of courses offered by BIICL and taken to meet the requirements of the LL.M. specialisation in Climate Change Law and Litigation or the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Climate Change Law and Litigation.


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