Innovation Law



The course analyses the issues and risks of innovation. It considers the situations faced by entrepreneurs and company directors with the following questions: - Can I protect my idea by patent, design, trademark, copyright, business secret? or by contract? - What legal tools encourage the creation and marketing of innovative products? - What are the constraints that limit the margin of manoeuvre of my company in its relations with its competitors and its customers?


The main regulations studied are the patent and competition laws. However, we will also study, but to a lesser extent, design rights, copyright and trademark law. The regulations studied are mainly European, but sometimes also Swiss, even American and international (e.g., WTO).


Students will be able to choose additional topics of study. Possibilities include internet law, data protection law, product liability, marketing rules. Students are also welcome to propose topics.


The course takes an interdisciplinary approach. Intellectual property (IP) and competition law have been the subject of much controversy at the international level. The economic, social and ethical implications of these regimes are regularly debated. New IP treaties are under discussion. This course offers the opportunity to discuss these current issues.







Valérie Junod



innovation.jpg International Business Law and Innovation

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3 ECTS credits

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