Business and Human Rights



This course engages with the rapidly developing area of business and human rights law. It will examine the State obligation to protect human rights, including from adverse impacts by business entities, and the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.  It will also consider the access to effective remedies by victims of corporate activities.


The course will cover developments in international, regional and domestic regulation, and international standards such as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.  It also will look at developments in international, regional and domestic dispute resolution involving business and human rights, including with respect to claims brought against companies.


While the focus of this course is on legal issues, this area does raise policy and risk management issues, all of which have practical implications for business regulation and dispute resolution.  As it draws from legal principles across a wide area of law, such as company law, public law, environmental law, financial law, criminal law, public international law, tort law, contract law, private international law and labour law, it opens up the possibility of innovative thinking and applications for business.






Robert McCorquodale

Evelyne Schmid



disputes.jpgInternational Business Disputes

transactions.jpg International Business Transactions

regulation.jpg International Business Regulation



3 ECTS credits

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