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Some of the courses taught in the LL.M. are individually accessible to practitioners who wish to further develop their expertise.


The taught courses are generally delivered over two days.


Fees CHF 700.-

Lawyers in training (avocats-stagiaires) CHF 350.-

Students CHF 250.-

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If you are interested, please contact for further information:

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All courses offered in person are also projected via Zoom for participants who are unable to attend in person




International Banking Regulations 

3-4 November 2022


This course, taught by Professor Carlo Lombardini, will deal with the main aspects of banking regulation and supervision. These include the organisation and governance of banks and banking groups, their supervision, their resolution and AML regulation. The main risks that banks have to face will be presented. The course will present not only theoretical issues but also practical examples.


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The Law of Climate Change 

1-2 December 2022

This course, taught by Professor Lawrence Watters, examines the concepts and principles in the Law of Climate Change. The international framework, in agreements, conventions and governance, is explored with the focus on major challenges and priorities. This encompasses commitments, emissions trading, funding, information disclosure, litigation, monitoring, taxes, the social cost of carbon, traditional regulation, transparency, verification and emerging issues in environmental justice. This global foundation is developed further with analysis of regional approaches, including Europe (the EU), and national approaches, primarily Asia (China) and North America (U.S.), as part of understanding implementation, in concert with critical assessment and evaluation. Case studies are also used to further illuminate theory and practice, aspirations and achievements, based on authoritative sources of scholarship.


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Business & Climate Change

8-9 December 2022


It is difficult to imagine any solution to climate change without involving businesses. This course, taught by Mr. Laurent Develle, aims to prepare law & business students, future business leaders, lawyers, lawmakers and entrepreneurs for an understanding not only of how business can navigate through this new and constantly changing climate change legal and regulatory paradigm, but also of how sustainability challenges open up new sources of potential solutions and innovation, economic opportunities and social development, for example in the renewable energy, commodities & food industries, and also in the rapidly growing oceans-related economy. Students will be exposed to unconventional thinking beyond business-as-usual and will explore perspectives and practical experiences gained in the “battle field”, which redefine business strategies as being driven by sustainability challenges.


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International Company Law 

22-23 December 2022


This course, taught by Professor Edgar Philippin, will focus on practical aspects of cross-border merger and acquisition transactions, in particular on selected difficulties of contract drafting for prevention of post-transaction disputes. Examples (essentially based on the acquisition of a Swiss target by a foreign purchaser) will be analysed in light of the relevant principles of contract and corporate law. Relocation of the seat of a corporation (from and to Switzerland) will also be examined.


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