International Business Law and Innovation



The programme provides detailed knowledge of the rapidly evolving field of law and technology that is challenging today’s society. It covers topics from artificial intelligence and fintech to big data and the sharing economy and provides insights into the technological and economic aspects of innovation which are needed to understand how the law responds to new technologies. The programme also offers a summer school in law and technology at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law in London and a law and technology clinic and moot court in cooperation with international institutions.




To acquire a specialisation, students must obtain 18 credits and submit a Master's thesis in their selected field. The remaining credits can be freely chosen.

The following courses are within the specialisation:innovation color.jpg

Regular Courses


La Semaine de la Digitalisation / Digiweek 

Fintech 3
Sharing Economy and the Law 3
Summer School Law and Technology, London 6
Future of Digital Technologies Law Clinic and Moot Court, Lyon 6
Foundations International Company and Competition Law 6
Intellectual Property Law 6
Innovation Law 3

Special Courses

Financial Contracts and Financial Regulation 3
Technology and Dispute Resolution * 3


* This course is not available for 2019/2020.

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