International Business Disputes



In a globalised world, business disputes very often cross borders. This specialisation gives students the legal tools and practical insights to master international litigation, commercial and investment arbitration, contract drafting and international contract law. The programme also includes courses on business law in Asia and features a short course in London with distinguished legal practitioners from the UK who were involved in major international disputes.




Total of 60 credits (ECTS) is distributed as follow:
18 credits must be selected from courses relating to the specialisation, 24 credits can be freely chosen from all the courses, 18 credits for the Master Thesis on a topic relating to the specialisation.

The following courses are within the specialisation: disputes color.jpg

Regular Courses


International Contracts 6
International Commercial Litigation 6
Short Course Dispute Resolution, London 3
Business Law and Litigation in Asia 3
International Commercial Arbitration 6
Investment Arbitration 3
Sports Arbitration 3

Special Courses

Technology and Dispute Resolution  3
International Litigation Advanced 3
New Generation Trade Agreements / Advanced Investment Law * 3
International Insolvencies ** 3
Business and Human Rights 3

International Arbitration Advanced


International Mediation Advanced **

International Banking Regulations 3
Business and Climate Change 3
Energy Arbitration * 3
Transnational Insurance Law and Litigation ** 3

* This course is not available for 2020/2021.

** This course will be offered in the Spring term 2021 depending on the number of registrants.


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