International Business Law and Sports



Lausanne is the centre for global sports and home of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). UNIL works with sports law experts and representatives of international institutions to offer two certifcates in global sports law and global sports regulation which are linked with the LL.M programme. Thus, students can take a variety of courses in these areas, including sports contracts, EU law and sports, competition law and sports and CAS arbitration to acquire specialist knowledge in business law and sports.




Total of 60 credits (ECTS) is distributed as follow:
18 credits must be selected from courses relating to the specialisation, 24 credits can be freely chosen from all the courses, 18 credits for the Master Thesis on a topic relating to the specialisation.

 The following courses are within the specialisation:sport color.jpg

Regular Courses


Global Sport Eco-System * 


Regulatory and Investigative Issues in Global Sports *     


International Company Law


International Competition Law


Sports Arbitration


Sports Contracts (includes Swiss Association Law)



*This course is worth 6 ECTS for students specialising in International Business Law and Sports, as it is assessed at the end of the term by way of presentation prepared by the student. Other students who wish to simply audit the course are welcome to do so but will not receive credit for the course.

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