International Commercial Litigation



In an increasingly globalized world, lawyers are often confronted with international disputes. This course offers the opportunity to become familiar with the national, international and European rules that govern international litigation in civil and commercial matters. Through several practical examples, it will present, from a transnational and comparative perspective, issues that frequently arise before state courts around the world, such as international jurisdiction, lis pendens, forum non conveniens, anti-suit injunctions, class actions, judicial cooperation in civil matters, and the recognition and enforcement of civil judgments. The first part of the course will be mainly devoted to rules of Swiss and European law (Lugano Convention, Brussels I Regulation). The second part of the course will focus on specific issues presented with a wider comparative approach (such as choice of court agreements, measures of interim relief, parallel proceedings, litigation in common law jurisdictions).


LL.M students who select this course have three options:

1) If they attend the first or the second part of the course and write a personal research paper of around 10 pages, they will receive 6 credits;

2) If they attend the entire course and pass an oral examination, they will also receive 6 credits;

3) If they attend the entire course and pass an oral examination + write a 10-page paper, they will receive 9 credits (International Litigation + International Litigation Advanced). 





Andrea Bonomi

Eva Lein

Christoph A. Kern



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6 ECTS credits

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