Elaboration of the conceptual framework (WP 1 & 2)

The conceptual framework will contain:

  • descriptions of learning outcomes defining the constitutive elements of multilingual and multicultural academic core communication competences and minimum level profiles relevant for all disciplines and for different cycles, taking into account the external quality criteria of the Bologna process.

  • clearly defined, internationally transparent criteria for assessing effective communication (e.g. for specific productive oral and written communicative competences) for different purposes, for broad and multiple forms of assessment, allowing for the specification of threshold standards that can be understood and used by different stakeholders and serve as a basis for reflective practice and transparent argument in assessment.

  • a list of innovative types of activities and approaches for multilingual and multicultural learning in a lifelong learning perspective and of suitable types of broad forms of assessment, both for the learning process and for the product of learning.

>> WP2 - MAGGIC Consultation interviews: questionnaires

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