Transparency tools for shared transnational understanding (WP5)

Different tools to improve the Bologna requirements of transnational transparency and comparability will be developped: 

Set of calibrated performance samples for level definition

  • To enhance international standardisation
  • To enhance shared understanding of the reference levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in relation to academic communication skills through benchmark samples of performance of core academic communication competence at BA and MA level
  • To reduce inconsistency and use of personal constructs on the part of teachers, students and stakeholders in diverse forms of assessment and evaluation, with the possibility of online standardisation for level definition and for self-assessment.

Procedures for marking to improve the quality of assessment for broad forms of assessment

  • Standardisation of marking procedures and of students’ work using criterion-based grids as a basis for transparent reflection and rational argument to ensure transnational consistency and to reduce subjectivity and personal construct in assessment
  • Set of sample marked student work within a competence level, also to cover aspects of the multilingual and multicultural competence that do not relate to the reference levels (study skills, intercultural and translanguage competence)

Certificate for modules

Guidelines indicating obligatory elements to elaborate certificates for modules in the partner institutions that:

  • clearly show competence profile and the proficiency level of the student
  • allow proof of authenticity of the certificate
  • correspond to the Bologna requirements (in relation to transparency tools (ECTS, descriptors)


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