MAGICC provides transnational tools for integrating academic and professional communication competences, intercultural and lifelong learning skills and competences as part of students' academic profile:

  • A conceptual framework defining the constitutive element this competence as a basis for curriculum development as well as for transparency and comparability for students' competences
  • Action-oriented pedagogical scenarios for developing and assessing students' multilingual and multicultural academic or professional communication and lifelong learning skills
  • Transparency tools to enable shared understanding of reference levels and transnational harmonisation of multidimensional and alternative forms of assessment
  • An academic ePortfolio to render students' multilingual and multicultural profile visible to third parties and support self-directed learning

The multilingual and multicultural academic communication competences enable students to:

  • access, evaluate and manage multilingual and multicultural information and knowledge sources
  • conceptualise and communicate information, knowledge and expertise in a multilingual and multicultural context
  • manage learning in a lifelong learning perspective, making use of their own multilingual and multicultural competence


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