Ticino's Elections 2011 - Study of Candidates and Elected

Verso il parlamento. Candidati, partiti e campagna elettorale nelle elezioni cantonali ticinesi del 2011


Devoted to parliamentary recruitment in a Swiss first-order subnational election, this study examines the Ticino 2011 cantonal elections in which a significant change in the party system occurred. Taking a sociological approach towards recruitment and using both quantitative and qualitative methodological tools, this study focuses on the relationship between potential candidates and political parties, the candidate campaigns, and the socio-professional traits of the candidates. We find that not only voting behavior (Mazzoleni, Pacella, Plata 2011) but also the parliamentary recruitment process confirm the role of these elections as representing a political transition in Ticino.


Key words: Elections, Parliament, Candidates, Political parties, Campaign.

Full publication and summary sheet with the main empirical results (in Italian)


The "Political Science Working Papers" Series is freely available by clicking here.

The official results of the Ticino cantonal elections in 2011


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