• The Right-Wing Populist Discourse in European Cross-Border Areas. A comparison between Switzerland and Luxembourg (CROSS-POP) (Oscar Mazzoleni, Cecilia Biancalana and Grégoire Yerly, University of Lausanne & Christian Lamour and Paul Carls, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research)
  • The Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties MPs. A Comparison among Austria, Italy and Switzerland (1980-2016) (Oscar Mazzoleni, Andrea Pilotti and Manuel Anselmi, UniTelma Sapienza, Roma)
  • From class representativeness to class gap: the transformation of the socio-professional profile of left-wing elected representatives in Switzerland (1910-2016) (Andrea Pilotti, Baptiste Antoniazza, Roberto Di Capua and Karim Lasseb, University of Lausanne)
  • Women in the Swiss Parliament (1971-2021). Socio-professional profile and political careers in the first 50 years of women’s suffrage (Andrea Pilotti)
  • Ties among Swiss MPs and Interest Groups in the Parliamentary Committees of the Federal Assembly (Andrea Pilotti, Diane Porcellana, Année politique suisse – University of Bern, and Steven Eichenberger, University of Geneva)
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