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  • Introduction: national populism and the politicisation of borders in a changing Europe, by Oscar Mazzoleni
  • The politicisation of borders in national-populist discourse: Geneva and Ticino during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cecilia Biancalana and Grégoire Yerly.
  • Convergence without conflict? Trans-border national-populist strategies in multi-scalar spaces of mobilisation, Cecilia Biancalana and Oscar Mazzoleni.
  • Framing the people and the elites: two models of national-populist border politicisation. The case of the Geneva and Basel cross-border regions, Grégoire Yerly.
  • Cross-border relations and national-populist politicisation: a citizen perspective, Andrea Pilotti and Oscar Mazzoleni.
  • Between economy and constituency: ambivalent attitudes towards cross-border workers, Oscar Mazzoleni and Andrea Pilotti.
  • Not really a “left-behind” place: national-populist re-bordering in a rich but declining periphery, Oscar Mazzoleni and Andrea Pilotti.
  • Conclusions: multi-scalar national populism and border politicisation, Cecilia Biancalana and Oscar Mazzoleni.
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