Laboratory of Social Psychology

The Laboratory of Social Psychology of the University of Lausanne (UNILaPS) studies the ideological, identity, relational, motivational and cognitive dynamics involved in relationships of domination, and in inequalities between groups and between individuals.

Using experimental and field research, as well as national and international surveys, we study the conflicts, prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination that influence the relationships between groups and individuals of different origins, culture, power, and social class. The work thus enables scientific insight to be brought to bear on questions such as the psychological consequences of social inequalities, social vulnerability and uncertainty, the issues of multiculturalism and the inclusion of minorities, the rise of populism, actions and reactions in the face of climate change, and current challenges in terms of learning and assessment.

Our research thus allows the more general question of the processes of change and social stability at the inter-individual, inter-group and ideological levels to be addressed. While our research and teaching are strongly rooted in social psychology, they are also at the frontiers of political psychology, comparative intercultural psychology and educational psychology.

Our research is concerned with:

  • communication and social influence
  • ingroup and intergroup relations and stereotypes
  • social representations and social cognition
  • identity and motivation
  • learning and education

The members are also strongly engaged in applied research, at the local, national and international level. This research relates to:

  • evaluation at school
  • migration, racism and xenophobia
  • sexism and exclusion
  • social justice
  • environmental behavours

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Please find here the list of colloquia the Social Psychology Lab - UNILaPS.

The laboratory

You will find the members of the Social Psychology Lab here.

Unit director: Christian Staerklé

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How to get there : Lausanne and university. We are located at Geopolis building.

  • By train: From Lausanne railway station. Metro m2 going to "Croisettes", change at the station "Lausanne-Flon". Then the metro m1 going to "Renens CFF", get off at "UNIL-Mouline"
  • By Taxi: From Renens railway station, Metro m1 going to "Lausanne Flon", get off at "UNIL-Mouline" - Or Bus 31 going to "Venoges sud", get off at "UNIL-Mouline"
  • By car: Motorway Direction "Lausanne-Sud", leave at "UNIL-EPFL", follow "UNIL" & UNIL-Geopolis


Graduate School in Social Psychology

Graduate School in Social Psychology




The universities of Lausanne and Geneva offer advanced training in social psychology toward a doctoral thesis. Completition of the programme leads to a joint doctoral degree from both universities.

For more information, check here.

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