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Social Psychology Lab - UNILaPS


Our research is concerned with:

  • communication and social influence
  • ingroup and intergroup relations and stereotypes
  • social representations and social cognition
  • identity and motivation
  • learning and education

The members are also strongly engaged in applied research, at the local, national and international level. This research relates to:

  • evaluation at school
  • migration, racism and xenophobia
  • sexism and exclusion
  • social justice
  • environmental behavours



Please find below our research activity:


Please find here the list of colloquia the Social Psychology Lab - UNILaPS.

The laboratory

You will find the members of the Social Psychology Lab here.

Unit director: Christian Staerklé

For further information, please contact us.

How to get there : Lausanne and university. We are located at Geopolis building.

  • By train: From Lausanne railway station. Metro m2 going to "Croisettes", change at the station "Lausanne-Flon". Then the metro m1 going to "Renens CFF", get off at "UNIL-Mouline"
  • By Taxi: From Renens railway station, Metro m1 going to "Lausanne Flon", get off at "UNIL-Mouline" - Or Bus 31 going to "Venoges sud", get off at "UNIL-Mouline"
  • By car: Motorway Direction "Lausanne-Sud", leave at "UNIL-EPFL", follow "UNIL" & UNIL-Geopolis


Graduate School in Social Psychology

Graduate School in Social Psychology




The universities of Lausanne and Geneva offer advanced training in social psychology toward a doctoral thesis. Completition of the programme leads to a joint doctoral degree from both universities.

For more information, check here.

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