The REDs and it’s members contribute to masters courses in sports science on doping but also to specific modules of the massive open online course (MOOC) "Doping: Sports, Organizations and Sciences" of the University of Lausanne. The REDs would like to propose the initial training in the field of doping and the fight against doping at master and PhD levels but also specialized continuing education for coaches, auditors, doctors, and managers in the field of anti-doping sciences.

Proposing a broad and extensive access to the available knowledge in anti-Doping is a key objective of the activities at the REDs with collaborations among international sports bodies (WADA, IOC, International Sports Federations).

Our action ultimately aims to provide a multidisciplinary approach to strengthen the fight against doping.

In summary, our aim is to :

1. Promote the fight against doping in national and international federations as well as directly in sport teams by :

  • Auditing practices
  • Analysis of prevention policies

2. Support the international network of laboratories to :

  • Contribute to the coordination and sharing of knowledge between anti-doping laboratories (good practices, expertise, advice)
  • Ensure, where applicable, the successful completion of the re-analysis of samples from competition according to the current state of the art (also with new technical detection and measurement methodologies)
  • Assist in the coordination of anti-doping activities of international federations with the World Association of anti-doping scientists (WAADS).
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