The organization of the REDs shall enable a network of independent experts of high academic level to provide consultancy services not only in terms of anti-doping, but also at broader scientific, legal, and certification levels for medical, disciplinary, and organizational international bodies in sports organizations.

1. Scientific

  • Interpret atypical test results;
  • Interpret and make recommendations on the parameters of the biological passport;
  • Intervene at the Court of Arbitration of Sports (CAS) as independent accredited experts.

2. Legal

  • Certify the validity of the analytical and non-analytical evidences in connection with the biological passport and / or the results of atypical laboratory analyzes;
  • Provide opinion on the legal processes related to the cases submitted to the CAS;
  • To support the AMA in the development of standards and rules on doping practices and existing or new products.

3. Certification

  • In terms of labeling of teams;
  • To support laboratories in their accreditation process;
  • The Olympic Games Organization Committees and Local Organizing Committees for major international competitions.
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