The REDs is an entity enabled to develop and conduct independent, multidisciplinary, and innovative research in the field of the fight against doping.

Our goals to become an international reference center for research on anti-doping are to:

  • Structure the information and expertise network in anti-doping, relying in particular on expert researchers from the UNIL, CHUV, and the other higher education schools in western Switzerland.
  • Develop and secure funding for interdisciplinary projects related to physiology, biology, sociology, and criminal science applied to sport.
  • Collaborate on research projects of Swiss and international competence networks in the field also bringing global coordination competences.

The REDs works independently but with a close collaboration with the Laboratory for Doping Analysis Lausanne (LAD):

  • The LAD is in charge of activities of independent services (e.g. analysis of samples from different competitions).
  • The REDs develops original, fundamental, or applied research, which will also strengthen the possibilities of the fight against doping.
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