The REDs

The center for Research and Expertise in anti-Doping sciences (REDs) is emerging as an international reference center to be able to perform independent research and provide expertise with a multidisciplinary and innovative approach in anti-doping sciences.

Additionally, the ambition is to provide initial training in the field of doping and the fight against doping at Masters and PhD levels, but also specialize in continuing education for coaches, managers, supervisor, and doctors assisting in advancement of anti-doping.

  • Research : the REDs is purposely created to perform independent, multidisciplinary, and innovative research in the field of the fight against doping in collaboration with leaders in the field.
  • Expertise : the REDs is a network of independent experts of high academic level that are able to provide consultation on scientific, legal, and certification aspects for the medical, disciplinary, and organizational bodies of international sports organizations.
  • Education : this research and expertise enables the REDs to offer high-level training that is tailored to the public and to be involved in many issues of the fight against doping

With the status of independent observatory at the University of Lausanne, REDs develops activities in a coordinated approach to promote the fight against doping in national and international associations, support the international network of laboratories, and facilitate the fight against doping directly in sports teams.

Lausanne provides a unique institutional environment in the world with the IOC, the Olympic Museum, the presence of many international federations, and the emergence of a « sports cluster » at the institutional level of the Canton of Vaud.

An ideal setting to mobilize the necessary resources and strengthen the fight against doping.

Prof. Francesco Botrè
Director of REDs

CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 37 60
Fax +41 21 692 32 93