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Incorrect allegations in the McLaren report on WADA investigation of the Sochi Games

A letter has been sent on 16th December 2016 to the President of WADA, Sir Craig Reedie, in order to ask him to correct the false allegations which appear in the McLaren Report on the WADA investigation of the Sochi Games. These allegations highly affect the reputation of the WADA accredited Laboratory of Lausanne (LAD) as well as the one of Director of the Laboratory at the time of the cited events, Prof. Martial Saugy, currently Director the of the Center of Research and Expertise in anti-doping sciences (REDs) of the University of Lausanne.

An internal audit ordered in November 2015 already concluded that the LAD did not show any misconduct in the management of the samples under its responsibility.  These conclusions were sent at the time to Sir Dick Pound, the chairman of the previous independent commission investigating on the doping problems in Russia. The LAD and the mother Institution, the University Hospital, never received any answer by Sir Dick Pound.

It is why, the present letter is a formal request to WADA to make this letter and the attached documentation available to the Public to restore the reputation of the Laboratory of Lausanne as well the one of its former Director, Prof. Martial Saugy.

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