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Axis „Health, medicine, technologies, and knowledge “

  • Knowledge transfer, relations between lay and expert knowledge, socio-sanitary norms
  • Health policies, biopolitics, patient groups and movements
  • Biobanks, biomedical research (genomics, clinic, neuroscience), research ethics

Axis „Digital technologies“

  • Digital cultures, digital humanities, media, governance
  • The making up of  “digital beings,” the social and human sciences (SHS) in a digital era, algorithms

Axis „Academic institutions, disciplines, careers “

  • Researchers, engineers, education and professional training, (disciplinary) identities, research practices, social stratification
  • Scientific policies, politics of science, emerging and changing disciplines, institutionalization, governmentality of science and scientists, power 

Axis „Innovation“

  • Promises and utopias in science and technology, sociotechnical imaginaries, strategy, emerging technologies
  • Technology assessment, risks

Axis „Science, knowledge, politics, and expertise“

  • Epistemology, popularization, representations, reception, attitudes, science-society relations, public, public understanding of science, participation
  • Expertise, sociotechnical controversies, democratization, knowledge co-production
  • The making up of practical knowledge/know-how, technologies, uses and non-uses, material cultures

Axis „Gender and intersectionalities“

  • Sex, gender, sexuality, race, class, age, nationality, etc. in science, technologies, medicine, and health
  • Power relations and dynamics in the making up of subjects, bodies, identities, and alterities
  • Critical knowledge, knowledge from below, solidarity-based knowledge, radical science
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