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International Diplomas

List of requirements for the European Baccalaureat and the International Baccalaureat
(academic year: 2015-2016)

These registration conditions are minimum requirements; they are valid only for the specified academic year (2014-2015) and the Rectorate of the University reserves the right to modify them at any time. They concern admission to Bachelor programmes.

Only secondary school diplomas representing a broad curriculum give entitlement to registration.

The candidates with an European Baccalaureat or an International Baccalaureat diplomas are admitted subject to the successful completion of the French exam.





French exam 





French exam
(if French is neither your mother tongue nor the teaching language)


International Baccalaureat

3 examens at higher level and 3 exams at standard level, including the six general knowledge subjects.

Mathematics or a science subject must be part of the three higher level subjects.

The following subjects are recognised :
all languages (except literature and performance), economics, business and management, geography, history, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics standard level and mathematics higher level.

Following subjects are not recognised :
information technology in a global society,world religions, literature and performance, Philosophy, psychology, social and cultural anthropology, design technology, environmental systems and societies, mathematical studies standard level, further mathematics standard level, computer science, music, theatre, visual arts, dance, film.

32 points (without bonus points)



French exam
(if French is neither your mother tongue nor the teaching language)






the French version of the registration conditions prevails
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