Advanced Essay-Writing Workshop Online (AEWWO)

General information about the workshop

The Advanced Essay-Writing Workshop Online is a class that takes place exclusively and entirely online, so that students can follow it according to their own needs and availabilities. Its main aim is to help students become more confident and efficient with their essay-writing, and to gain a better knowledge and appreciation of the critical essay genre. Thus, the workshop deals both with the theory and methodology of essay-writing, while also offering students practical exercises focusing on the different aspects of the writing process. One session is also entirely devoted to bibliographical research.

More precisely, the content of the workshop is threefold and includes online activities (videos to watch, texts to analyse, questionnaires to fill in, etc.) focused on topics related to the theory and methodology of essay-writing; online exercises (individual and collaborative) connected to the various skills involved in essay-writing; individual work in the form of a (brief) blog documenting the completion of a written assignment due in another English Department class. By helping students think about and reflect on what they are doing when they write essays, the blog really helps them to find their own personal way to produce well-structured, well-informed, and well-researched papers.




To take the class:

  • Go to the Moodle platform
  • Log in with your UNIL username and password
  • Choose 'Faculté des Lettres' > 'Section d’anglais' > 'Advanced Essay-Writing Workshop Online'

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, do not hesistate to get in touch with Ezra Benisty and Marie Walz.

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