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Essay Tutoring

Writing is a lifelong learning process — we are always learning how to write better, more clearly, more effectively and powerfully, even the most experienced writers. As such, the English Department is pleased to offer tutoring services for all BA students (teaching weeks only). You can find our tutors in in some first-year classes and they are also available for individual sessions. All BA students are encouraged to make use of this opportunity. 

Students are welcome to bring essay outlines, drafts or corrected essays to discuss with our tutors during the one-on-one consultations. Tutors do not proofread and/or edit assignments. Rather, they help students to develop effective writing skills and editing strategies, to spot and prioritise issues to work on, and to become more confident writers and better readers of their own writing.

First year students are particularly encouraged to make use of the tutoring help.

This semester, we have tutors available for all of our BA courses until 20 December 2019.

A schedule for one-on-one sessions will be published in the first weeks of the semester.

Questions about the department’s tutoring service can be sent to tutorat-anglais [at] unil.ch.

Our linguistics tutors for this semester are:



Camille Jaquinet


Shanon Sooknah


Our literature tutors for this semester are:



Emilie Badoux


Laetitia Blatti


Isabelle Defrance


Marie McMullin


Muriel Salamin


Laura Vogel



Advanced Essay-Writing Workshop Online Tutoring

Students are also encouraged to make use of the Advanced Essay Writing Workshop Online to hone their skills. This workshop is recommended to students in their second and third years of the BA, as well as MA students. It is a very good refresher at the start of your second year!


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