Certification de compétence linguistique dans le domaine académique disciplinaire (CLAD)

CLAD (Certification de compétence linguistique dans le domaine académique disciplinaire) is a free certification programme offered to students in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French as a Foreign Language, to demonstrate that they have a C1 in their chosen programme when they finish their BA. This certification is particularly useful for students who wish to go to HEP to become an English teacher and who do have other certification but all are welcome to enroll.

Students can only enroll in this programme in the four weeks of their first year of studies (i.e. the deadline to sign up for courses). If you are interested in the CLAD programme, you should review the information on the CLAD webpage.

If you have questions about the English department requirements for CLAD, please contact Andrew Reilly.

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