Association des Étudiant·e·x·s en Lettres (AEL)

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The AEL (Association des Étudiant·e·x·s en Lettres) represents students from across the Faculty of Arts at UNIL in political levels. We’re happy to help you with any queries. Throughout the semester, we organise various events, some more festive, some more relaxed, such as:


  • The Bourse aux Livres: the book fair on the second week of each semester where students can resell and purchase second-hand books related to their studies.
  • The Welcome Party: for introducing new students to the university experience.
  • The Coupe des Sections: each mid-autumn semester, all humanities departments are grouped into four houses and compete in a quiz tournament to win the cup.


And many more to come …

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You can also find us on Instagram (@unil_ael), at our office (ANT1196) or via email (

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