English Department Library - Room 5139



The English Department Library is an ideal space for students to work on their presentations, assemble for study groups or simply work individually in a private space. The room sits six people at a time and please avoid bringing food and drinks into the library (with the exception of bottled water).

Opening Hours

The library will be open anytime from 10h to 19h on weekdays. If it is closed, any member of staff present can open it for you.

Consulting Books

Get access to the library's catalog to search for books. If you don't know how to use the catalog, check out the handout below.

The texts can be consulted within the library, or taken out briefly for photocopies or scans, but the students are not permitted to take them home.

Once you are done with the book, please leave it in the designated place (Return Books) instead of putting it back on the shelves.


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