Giraldo Isis


A committed non-white feminist and a cultural studies scholar, Isis Giraldo is interested in the connections between culture and power and this constitutes the main focus of her research and intellectual endeavours.

Interdisciplinary in nature, Isis’ work belongs within the fields of cultural and media studies, particularly within critical approaches that recentre power and social justice. Her broad research interests include feminist theories, critical race theory, postcolonial-decolonial theories, new American studies and Latin American studies. Her empirical work mostly focuses on Colombia and aims at showing how the realm of mass media and culture has helped maintain stark imbalances of power along the axes of gender, race, and social class, and justify regimes of rule by a privileged few.

Her theoretical work aims at connecting Northern feminist theories, postcolonial studies, and critical thought on modernity, development, and coloniality in the Latin American tradition. Firstly, it belongs with approaches that are global in scope and recentre colonial processes whose elision has been at the heart of dominant politics of knowledge production. Secondly, it is informed by Latin American decolonial critique.

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