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Position(s): Doctorant FNS

Section d'anglais
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Doctoral student / Doctorant·e FNS

Pronoun they / pronom iel




Ezra Sibyl Benisty (they/them) is a doctoral student at the University of Lausanne, and a member of the Swiss National Foundation funded project “Lyric Poetry in Notions”. Their dissertation explores the spatial and material vocabulary used to describe poetry. Focusing on sixteenth-century English and continental studies of poetry, including George Gascoigne’s Certayne Notes of Instruction (1575), Philip Sidney’s Defence of Poesy (1580/1595), George Puttenham’s Art of English Poesie (1589), it also explores the metalanguage used in poetic works themselves, including works by the Sidneys, William Shakespeare, John Donne, George Herbert, Pierre de Ronsard and François Rabelais. In addition to their doctoral research, their academic interests include John Donne’s poetry, translation, as well as fairy tales and BIPOC queer studies. While completing an MA specialisation in Literary Translation, they translated the poetry of Angela Carter from English into French.


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