Walz Marie

Walz Marie Emilie

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Doctorat ès lettres
Disciplines: anglais et littérature comparée
Start : 2012 -- End : 2018

Maîtrise universitaire ès lettres
Discipline principale: Anglais.
Discipline secondaire: Histoire et sciences des religions.
Avec spécialisation "Langues et littératures européennes comparées".
Start : 2008 -- End : 2012

Baccalauréat universitaire ès lettres
Disciplines principales: Anglais et Archéologie.
Discipline secondaire: Histoire et sciences des religions.
Start : 2005 -- End : 2008




Marie Walz is Junior Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Comparative Gender Studies. She specialises in cross-period comparative studies and feminist rewritings of medieval and early modern literature, with a focus on allegory, fairy tales, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Her PhD thesis, entitled "Reading Spells Backwards: Allegories of Violence and Love in Edmund Spenser’s and Angela Carter’s Fairy-Tale and Speculative Fiction", offers a comparative study between Edmund Spenser's allegorical poem and Angela Carter's fairy-tale rewritings and speculative novels. Her post-doc project will center on contemporary feminist authors of fairy tales, fantasy, and speculative fiction, including Angela Carter, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Neil Gaiman.

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