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The members of the CIEL convene at least once a year in a general assembly. The Assembly of the CIEL is open to all members of partnering research units, listed here. It is consulted on the operation, the orientations, the activities, the projects and the biennial report of the Center, in accordance with the internal bylaws of the Center. The minutes of previous assemblies may be consulted on this page.

If you would like to become a researcher associated with the CIEL, you may submit an application for membership using the form below or by contacting the Center's coordinator, Joëlle Légeret (, T +41 21 692 29 56), directly. As an associated researcher, you will be kept up to date about the CIEL's activities (conferences, colloquia and workshops, research projects, proposed courses of study, publications) and you will benefit from the opportunities the CIEL offers as a hub of scholarly expertise responsible for promoting, supporting, and publicizing research projects involving the combined or comparative study of literary corpora belonging to different linguistic and cultural domains as well as the study of literary questions with a transcultural or transhistorical character.

It is also possible to sign up for our mailing list without becoming a member so that you may receive regular updates about the CIEL's activities.

Become an Associated Member

Sending data

Confidentiality of the data: the submitted data will not in any way be communicated to a third party.

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Joëlle Légeret, coordinator

Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Literatures (CIEL)
University of Lausanne, Faculty of Arts
District UNIL-Chamberonne
Building Anthropole, Office 5140
CH-1015 Lausanne
T +41 21 692 29 56

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