The Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Literatures (CIEL)

  • is tasked with encouraging and supporting the development of projects targeting the combined or comparative study of literary corpora belonging to different linguistic and cultural domains as well as the study of literary questions with a transcultural or transhistorical character. To this end, the CIEL organizes an annual colloquium in order to gather researchers in the Faculty of Arts who work on literature around an interdisciplinary theme or problematic; brings together researchers in the Faculty of Arts who work on literature during the conferences and events that take place in connection with the CIEL's general assembly; and, finally, supports the organization of colloquia and workshops for the researchers associated with the Center.
  • assists students, graduate students, and researchers with the writing of dissertations, theses, or publications in the domain of interdisciplinary and/or comparative literary studies and publicizes these works on its internet site;
  • establishes and sustains contacts with institutions, associations, and research groups pursuing similar objectives and encourages collaboration on research projects undertaken in partnership with such entities;
  • reviews and publicizes on its internet site the interdisciplinary and/or comparative research projects that take place in research units partnering with the Center.
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