The Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Literatures (CIEL) may submit proposals to the Faculty for programs of study corresponding to its domain of expertise and, having proposed such a program, is responsible for ensuring its organization and operation.

Since 2019, the CIEL has hosted an annual public lecture each Fall semester on an interdisciplinary theme. This public lecture can be validated as an option within the modules "Interdisciplinary Teaching" and "Comparatism" of the options program (BA), mandatory for all students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, and of the reinforcement program (MA), optional for students pursuing a Master of Arts. The public lecture is also part of the specialization program "Comparative Literature".

Since 2023, the CIEL has coordinated the new specialization program "Comparative Literature". The specialization programs are study plans of 30 ECTS which, once added to the 90 ECTS of the Master of Arts, enable the student to obtain the following degree: Master of Arts with specialization (120 ECTS).

The CIEL is also tasked by the Faculty of Arts' commission of instruction with reviewing the Faculty's offering of interdisciplinary and/or comparatist courses. These courses are grouped in the modules "Interdisciplinary Teaching" (courses taught by at least two instructors from different disciplines) and "Comparatism" (courses in comparative literature) of the options program for the Bachelor of Arts and the reinforcement program for the Master of Arts. They are also part of the specialization program "Comparative Literature".

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