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Reinforcement Program (MA) | Academic Year 2021-2022

Reinforcement Program (MA)

The Reinforcement Program is a program of study consisting of a set of 30 credits of the Master of Arts (90 credits) and of the Master of Arts with specialization (120 credits). It is obligatory for all students who have chosen a mono-disciplinary Master of Arts. The structure of the reinforcement program is the following:

  • one group consisting of courses of instruction organized by discipline,
  • one group consisting of transversal or interdisciplinary courses of instruction,
  • one group consisting of courses linked to the specialized programs of study. 

The courses of instruction grouped together in the modules "Interdisciplinary Teaching" (MA-RENF-INTER) and "Comparatisms" (MA-RENF-COMP) form part of the educational mission entrusted to the CIEL.


Academic Year 2021-2022

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Fall Semester 2021


Spring Semester 2022


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