Swiss Drosophila Meeting


The annual Swiss Drosophila Meeting is the main forum for the Swiss research community working with the genetic model organism Drosophila melanogaster. This meeting was initiated half a century ago and, to this day, basic research in Drosophila in Switzerland has significantly advanced various fields in the life sciences such as genetics, molecular, cell and developmental biology, evolutionary genetics, immunology, and neuroscience.

The Swiss Drosophila Meeting is a one-day event and typically attracts 120-150 participants from across the country, including the Universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg, Bern, Basel and Zürich, as well as the ETH Zürich, EPFL and FMI. Scientists at all levels, from Bachelor students to Principal Investigators, regularly attend the meeting, as well as several researchers returning from PhD or postdoctoral stays abroad.

The Swiss Drosophila Meeting 2024 takes place on Thursday June 20th at the University of Lausanne, in the Anthropole Building, Room 1129.

Registration and abstract submission deadline: May 1st 2024.


Image: Asfa Sabrin Borbora (Benton lab)

Preliminary Program


9:15 Registration, with coffee & croissants
10:00 Opening address
10:10 Selected talk
10:25 Selected talk
10:40 New PI talk
11:10 Refreshment break
11:30 Selected talk
11:45 Selected talk
12:00 Selected talk
12:15 Selected talk
12:30 Lunch and poster session
14:30 Selected talk
14:45 Selected talk
15:00 Selected talk
15:15 Selected talk
15:30 Selected talk
15:45 Refreshment break and poster session

Walter Gehring Keynote Lecture

Cassandra Extavour, Harvard University

18:00 Poster and talk prizes, closing remarks
18:30 Dinner


Registration form (deadline May 1st 2024)

Sending data

How to get there


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Richard Benton (richard.benton[at]

Maria Cristina Gambetta (mariacristina.gambetta[at]

Jean-Yves Roignant (jean-yves.roignant[at]




We thank our sponsors for supporting this meeting!

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