Jolanda van Leeuwen, tenure-track Assistant Professor

Jolanda van Leeuwen performed her PhD research in the lab of Dr. Nico Vermeulen at VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands), where she discovered genetic factors that affect the toxicity of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. After obtaining her PhD in 2011, she joined the labs of Drs. Charlie Boone and Brenda Andrews at the University of Toronto (Canada), where she mapped networks of genetic interactions in yeast. She joined the Center for Integrative Genomics in April 2018 as Assistant Professor. The main research mission of her lab is to use functional genomics tools to improve our understanding of how mutations can interact to produce unexpected phenotypes, and how this determines the severity of genetic traits.


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Jolanda van Leeuwen
Tel: +41 21 692 4026

Administrative assistant

Nathalie Clerc
Tel: +41 21 692 3920