Research in the Lemanic area

Competences and infrastructures

The FBM has been investing for many years in establishing research groups in various departments that work in th fields of computational biology, bioinformatics, biostatistics, or computational modelling. We are therefore in the exceptionally fortunate situation of having lready excellent competences and infrastructures in this field of study, not only in the Lemanic area, but also in Switzerland.

These include:

  • A community of groups doing computational biology research
  • A network of strong institutions and researchers who exchange their complementary knowledge and integrate their diverse competences in interdisciplinary research projects, including members of UNIL, CHUV, EPFL and SIB.
  • A well-developped infrastructure with a large and internationally competitive computing cluster and outstanding expertise (Vital-IT) and connections with the other Lemanic institutions (CADMOS)
  • Existing teaching structures and curricula for educating studentsin quantitative biology, including courses at the B.Sc., M.SC., and PhD. levels, with focus on data analysis, statistics and programming.
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