Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
of the Department of Computational Biology



The DBC SAB is composed of:

• International experts in the field(s) of research of the department

• Senior principal investigators with both research and administrative experience


The mission of the SAB is to:

1. Review and advise on the scientific progresses and objectives of individual groups

2. Provide mentorship to junior investigators in the department (e.g. advise on career development, lab management, support visibility)

3. Review and advise on the strategic plan of development of the department (strengths & weaknesses, growth directions)


“Who” is our Scientific Advisory Board?


E.Barillot.png                           C.Leslie.png  

Prof. Emmanuel Barillot

Machine Learning, Computational Cancer Biology
Institut Curie
Paris, France



Prof. Christina Leslie

Algorithm design / Systems biology / Cancer
Computational & Systems Biology program
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

M.Nordborg.png   J.Saez-Rodriguez.png  

Prof. Magnus Nordborg

Population Genetics / Evolution
Vienna, Austria


Prof. Julio Saez-Rodriguez

Computational biology, machine learning, Cancer, Auto-immune diseases
Heidelberg, Germany

MF.Sagot.png                                                 N.Soranzo.jpg

Prof. Marie-France Sagot

Algorithm design and analysis, combinatorics, computational biology, and symbiosis
Lyon, France


Prof. Nicole Soranzo

Population & medical genomics
Milan, Italy

T.Stadler_1.jpg   A.Wagner.png

Prof. Tanja Stadler

Computational evolution
Zurich, Switzerland


Prof. Andreas Wagner

Evolutionary Biology / Computational biolology
Zurich, Switzerland


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