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  • Director: Nicolas Salamin
  • Executive Assistants: Suzanne Soto, Mariona Lopez-Gil, Michelle N'Cho
  • Lab Manager: Rosanna Pescini-Gobert

Our Goals

The central goal of the DBC is therefore to facilitate the uptake of emerging innovations and developments for quantitative biology across various domains. This includes making the best use of today’s technologies, as well as being prepared for those of the future:

  • In biology, the DBC aims at coordinating developments towards the integration and interpretation of various types of ‘omic’ information.
  • In medicine, the DBC wants to play a central role in the fields of personalized care and forefront medical research.
  • In computational science, the DBC aims at contributing to and be connected with state-of-the-art information science, including mathematical modelling and the latest advances in simulation technologies.

Research Groups

  • Sven Bergmann
  • Giovanni Ciriello
  • Alma Dal Co
  • Olivier Delaneau
  • Christophe Dessimoz
  • Dirk Fasshauer
  • Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
  • Nicolas Salamin
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