Mermod Nicolas

Institute of Biotechnology

Research interests

Genetic regulation by cell growth factors

Our studies focus on the control of gene transcription by a family of human nuclear proteins called CTF/NF-I and on the elucidation of their roles in cell signaling. We aim at determining the molecular mechanisms by which these proteins regulate gene expression and how their activities are controlled by signaling pathways that regulate cell growth and division.

Expression of genes of biotechnological interest in mammalian cells
This project aims to identify epigenetic regulatory sequences that may mediate more predictable, higher and/or more stable expression of transgenes in mammalian cells, and to identify more effective gene transfer techniques. This work has led to the development of new methods that were successfully applied to the synthesis of therapeutic proteins, and they may improve the development of new approaches to treat muscular dystrophies by cell therapy.

Characterization and modeling of regulatory genomic regions and oncogenes
The project aims at identifying the interactions between regulatory proteins and genomic DNA sequences at a large-scale and to generate expert systems for the modeling and prediction of these interactions using bioinformatics.

Development of more efficient and safer expression vectors for gene therapies
This project aims at constructing genetic vectors mediating more efficient expression of therapeutic genes for safer gene and cell therapies.


Nicolas Mermod
Emeritus professor

Quartier UNIL-Sorge
Bâtiment Biophore
CH - 1015 Lausanne