Navarro lab

Structural Cell Biology





The Navarro Lab uses imaging technologies to observe subcellular components and macromolecular complexes in their native environment, the cell. Our goal is to understand how the activity and spatial arrangement of these macromolecules influence bacterial architecture to support processes such as cell growth and division. To address these questions, we bring together structural and cellular biology by combining cutting-edge cryo-electron tomography and light microscopy technologies to generate imaging data. We implement and develop computational tools for 3D image processing to analyze and understand these imaging data. By complementing cutting-edge microscopy with genetics and biochemistry, we seek to provide a holistic understanding of the molecular mechanisms governing bacterial morphogenesis. 


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We are currently looking for motivated MSc, PhD, and Postdocs to join our group!

Paula Navarro
Assistant Professor SNSF

Quartier UNIL-Sorge
Bâtiment Ephémère
CH - 1015 Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 692 56 26