Specific training objectives

At the end of the studies , students will be able to:

• Design experiments to analyse and understand genetic and genomic data.

• Mobilise in-depth knowledge of statistics and bioinformatics applied to biology.

• Use computer programming techniques.

This programme aims to train flexible and adaptable interdisciplinary scientists. The emphasis is on integrating a solid training in bioinformatics with biology.

The students are encouraged to pursue master projects either in bioinformatics, developing new tools and methods, or in experimental biology groups, where bioinformatics is key to making sense of high throughput data (genomes, transcriptomes, etc.).

The students are prepared to continue as bioinformaticians in laboratories or industry, or towards a PhD, either specializing further in bioinformatics, or using their skills to make the best use of genomics to advance knowledge in biology.

Training in bioinformatics is critical to design genomic experiments, and analyse and understand the data: a new generation of biologists at ease both at the bench and at the computer.


• Two common courses with other Molecular Life Sciences students: "Sequence a Genome" (including both wet-lab and bioinformatics), and scientific writing.

• A large block of programming, with courses, and a biologically motivated project.

• Advanced training in statistics and bioinformatics.

• A large choice of optional courses in biology and bioinformatics.

• A master project which can be done in an experimental biology or a bioinformatics group.


Mandatory courses:

Sequence a Genome
• Write a Review
• Write a Fellowship
• Programming for bioinformatics & Forensic bioinformatics
• Statistics and Probability

Optional courses:

• large choice of courses in biology and bioinformatics

Pratical courses (please visit our host laboratories) :

• First step project in bioinformatics
• Master’s thesis in the field of bioinformatics


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