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General information
Organisation   University of Lausanne - Faculty of Biology and Medicine
School of Biology
Head of the Master   Richard Benton (Center for Integrative Genomics)

Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences - Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en sciences moléculaires du vivant

Possibility to obtain a specialisation in Bioinformatics, Microbiology or Integrative biology

Credits   90 ECTS
Start   mid-September (more details on this link)
Duration   1.5 years / 3 semesters
Delay for registration   30 april (28 february for candidates needing a study visa)
Charges   CHF 580.- per semester
Teaching language   English
Contact   Secrétariat de l'Ecole de biologie
Amphipôle 312
CH-1015 Lausanne
Tél. 021 692 40 10
Fax. 021 692 40 05
Email: biologie-etudiants[@]
Structure of the studies


The first semester of the Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences is centered on two compulsory courses through which the students will learn to write a research project on one hand and to sequence a genome on the other hand. These courses consist essentially of practical work. They are completed by optional courses where the students can receive specific knowledge in the different fields of research of the instructors of the Master. The students have also the opportunity to get used to the labwork and the research while doing a First step project. 

In the second semester, the students carry on the compulsory courses (6 ECTS credits) and optional courses (9 ECTS credits). For these courses different collaborations are encouraged particularly with  the Master of Science in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation of the School of Biology. During this semester the students start their Master research project for which they are integrated in a laboratory of research supervising the Master.

The third semester is dedicated to the completion of the Master research project.

The students of the Master in Molecular Life Sciences have the possibility to obtain a specialisation during their Master in Integrative biology, Bioinformatics or Microbiology. The conditions to obtain these distinctions is given in the study regulation.

Course schedules

Course Schedules - 2021-2022 - Master MLS

Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences
MSc MLS - Autumn 2021 - version 27.08.2021  (108 Ko)
MSc MLS Bioinformatic - Autumn 2021 - version 27.08.2021  (97 Ko)
MSc MLS (included Bioinfo) - Spring 2022 - version 22.04.2022  (74 Ko)


Due to the current health situation, the different schedules for the courses of the School of Biology can be amended. Schedules are regularly updated. The date of the latest version of the timetable is indicated in the name of the document.

Study plan

Study Plan - 2021-2022 - Master MLS

Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences
Study Plan Master MLS - 2021-2022  (108 Ko)

Study Plan - 2022-2023 - Master MLS

Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences
Study Plan Master MLS - Autumn - 2022-2023  (89 Ko)

Course descriptions

The course descriptions are available on the internet of the University of Lausanne at the page: Programmes offered at the UNIL under the heading Structure of the Stage struc.png.


For the study plans of previous academic years, please visit our Archives page.

Registration for courses and exams, and deadlines

Registration for courses and exams

For students following a Bachelor or Master curriculum in the School of Biology, the registration for courses is mandatory and can be done via the Internet from the link below, within the periods set by the School of Biology at the beginning of semester. Outside of these periods, registration is not possible.

Make sure that you have activated your UNIL computer access

Registration procedure for Bachelor (in French) and for Master (in English)


Autumn semester:

  • September 21 to October 17, 2021: Registration for courses and exams of the autumn semester
  • October 18 to 31, 2021: Withdrawal for exams of optional courses of the winter session

Spring semester:

  • February 21 to March 20, 2022: Registration for courses and exams of the spring semester
  • March 21 to April 03, 2022: Withdrawal for exams of optional courses of the summer session

The School of Biology does not accept any registration, amendment or withdrawal outside of the registration periods.

Request about the Exams

With a valid medical certificate, the School of Biology considers on a case-by-case basis the specific situation of a student with a disability.


Please, request had to be sent to during the first 4 weeks of the semester:

  • October 15 for the winter session
  • March 15 for the summer and fall sessions

Any request must be justified by the delivery of an original medical certificate. This must clearly indicate:

  • desired amenities (extra time for exams, special room and / or equipment ...)
  • the period for which amenities are requested (exam sessions, semesters, the entire course, etc.).

NB: For dyslexic and dysorthographic patients, a logopedist report may be accepted instead of the medical certificate.


The School of Biology reserves the right not to grant all or a part of the request depending on the available resources or if the application is disproportionate.


Dates of exam sessions and session schedules

The dates of the exam sessions are in the file: 

 Exam schedule 2021-2022 (in french only)

Students must be available throughout the entire period of each session. The examination schedules are listed below before each session. Students are notified of the publication of the exam schedules by email.

WARNING : The schedules published on the website are subject to change and no appeal based on the published schedules can be made.

Examination program

At the end of each exam period, an electronic record is prepared for each student, indicating if the student has passed or failed the corresponding step in the Bachelor or Master curriculum.
The requirements for passing these steps are given just below.

Exams 2021-2022 - Master MLS

Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences
MSc MLS - Examination program 2021-2022  (57 Ko)
MSc MLS - Evaluation procedure 2021-2022 - version 08.10.2021  (78 Ko)
MSc MLS - Schedule for Summer Exam Session 2022  (78 Ko)

Marked copies consultation

On request students have access to marked copies of their examinations after each examination session. The student has to ask the teacher within 10 days following the exam publication.

Consulting an examination copy could serve to understand the note obtained or to set of arguments for building a case for appeal.


An appeal can only be lodged within the 33 calendar days following the electronic notification of the exam results (initial date = email announcing the publication of the results on MyUNIL, sent by the secretariat of the School of Biology).

To be accepted, an appeal must:

• Cite precise and admissible motives, such as non-compliance with the regulations, improper procedure, grievance over arbitrariness.

• Be written by the student or be accompanied by a proxy of the student if it is lodged by a third person.


Address the appeal to:

Direction de l’Ecole de biologie
Quartier UNIL-Sorge
Bâtiment Amphipôle
CH-1015 Lausanne


Service juridique provides you with an internet page dedicated to Appeals (only in French) :


Regulations and directives
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Online schedules


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