School of Biology Teaching Recording Policy - Year 2022-23


Live broadcasting, and availability of teaching recordings for a duration of one week:

  • BSc1 ex-cathedra courses* – biology & pharmacy
  • BSc2 ex-cathedra courses

No teaching recording**:

  • BSc1 & BSc2 Exercise and Practical Work Sessions
  • BSc2 & BSc3 - Optional courses
  • BSc3
  • Masters (BEC, MLS, MB)

*Exception for courses given on the EPFL site

**Exception possible for pedagogical purposes upon teacher's request



The School of Biology Council (as of June 23, 2022) has decided that the 1st and 2nd year ex-cathedra Bachelor's courses will continue to be broadcasted and recorded. The reasons for this are to provide a solution for the exceeded capacity of the auditoriums compared to the number of students enrolled, and to support the learning of students with disabilities (hearing impaired, dyslexic, etc.), non-French speakers, or students enrolled in the minor in physiology whose schedules are sometimes incompatible.

However, in order to guarantee a regular follow-up of the curriculum without putting students at risk of accumulating a deleterious delay, these recordings will only be available for a period of one week.

For the 3rd year of the Bachelor's program, as well as for all our Master's programs, the teaching will be entirely and only face-to-face, without video recording, considering the lower number of students and the more interactive and personalized teaching formats.

School of Biology Council (as of November 10, 2022) has decided that this broadcasting policy will be renewed in the spring semester.

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