After the PhD: UNIL portraits

Introduction | After the PhD: UNIL portraits


What are the different possibilities for a career after the doctorate?

How does a professional path beyond academia happen, and how to make the transition?

What skills developed during the doctorate are valuable for future employers?  

How to make it through the different stages of an academic career?

This series of portraits of UNIL doctorate holders intends to answer these questions. It is aimed at you, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, who are considering the next steps in your professional life – in the academic world or beyond – and who wish to explore different career options after a doctorate.

Through these stories, UNIL doctorate holders share their experiences and advice, provide relevant information for how to prepare for after the thesis, and explain how they came to be in their current role.

After the PhD: UNIL portraits

Portraits made in 2024

From Philippe de Mézières to Unisanté


Claire-Marie Schertz, who holds a PhD in Humanities, works as academic coordinator and project manager at Unisanté, the university center for general medicine and public health.

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The right to reinvent yourself

Portrait Jonathan Bory_Lausanne_ShervineNafissi-3.jpg

With a PhD in Law, Jonathan Bory divides his time between his activities as a lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a lecturer.

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Many hats, just one objective: support inclusive and responsible management

Portrait Hazbi Avdij_Géopolis_ShervineNafissi-3.jpg

A PhD in information systems (HEC), Hazbi Avdiji's professional commitments go from teaching in management schools in the Lausanne area, to consultancy and training assignments in business environments.

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Portraits made in 2020
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