Support and advice

As you consider whether a transition beyond academia is right for you, and once you’ve made the decision to make the change, you’re not alone!



As a doctoral candidate or postdoc at UNIL, you have access to support through the Graduate Campus workshops and those offered by the Careers and Guidance Center (SOC).

Female PhD holders at UNIL can apply to be part of the PROWD programme at the Equal Opportunities Office, with tracks for the academic or non-academic career.

Doctoral candidates can also check the offer with the CUSO doctoral programmes and the “PRO” module with the CUSO Transversal Programme.

The ALUMNIL network also provides support for anyone with a UNIL degree.



There are a wide variety of online resources you can consult in order to consider and prepare for the transition:

  • offers advice and job opportunities (academic and beyond) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • PhilSkills: for philosophers
  • Beyond Academe : for historians
  • Connected Academics : for language and literature specialists
  • Using twitter, you may look for: #postac #altac #phdchat #withaphd #academic
  • The recent Vitae survey on the real life experience of postdocs across Europe gives helpful thoughts on the alternatives


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