The UNIL PhD Career Survey

Beginning in September 2018, the Graduate Campus is conducting a survey of all UNIL doctorate holders from 2007 to 2017.

Starting in January 2019, we are reaching out to our doctorate holders to find out what our alumni are doing now, how they got there, and the role the doctorate has played so far in the development of their career.

The results will be used in aggregate to provide useful and accurate information for our current doctoral candidates and postdocs as they consider their next professional steps. The information will also be very helpful to our faculties as they develop their frameworks for doctoral training, and to related services such as the Service d'orientation et carrières (SOC) and Alumnil. Respondents' personal data will be kept confidentially.

For those who agree, we'll also be building our database of UNIL PhD alumni who are willing to be of more direct support in different ways for today's doctoral candidates and postdocs - for example at career events, in ongoing research on career trajectories, or even for an interview in the Career Conversations series of podcasts.

For further information, please contact Claudia Lozano at the Graduate Campus.




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